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TAIGA POTTERY STUDIO of Mr.Masaji Okubo called 「MIYABIGAMA」 present the finest glazed potteries, as one of the Traditional Asian Arts and Crafts Works.
They bring the 1000 years histories of China, Korea and Japan into existence in the Heisei era.
The works of Mr.Masaji Okubo are not a sort of brand potteries of Japanese, like Bizen, Kutani, Mashiko and others. However, his works are remarkable in that he studied the traditional glazing techniques and found his own beautifully colored glazes by himself.
In Japan, you can find a great number of high skilled individual potters all over the country, who are enthusiastically working, producing, perhaps much more interesting potteries than those brands.
Mr.Masaji Okubo is one of those.
「Rove of feathers」 "Gettupaku-kinyu-yuko"
「Rove of feathers」 "Gettupaku-kinyu-yuko"